Top 10 Mistakes in Asp.Net Core

You might know about Asp.Net Core  which is new framework developed by Microsoft. And i think it was a good idea to bring it in but it is definitely  failed .

Developers are fearing to switch on to .Net Core, they are happy with Framework.

Today i will tell you what are the mistakes & problems noticed by developers in using . Net Core

Top 10 Mistakes in Asp.Net Core

  1. It has web api and MVC but doesn’t have SignalR or Web Pages. (.net Core 1.x)
  2. There are still bugs in github repository of .Net Core 1.x.
  3. .Net Core doesn’t support VB or F#.
  4. Entity Framework is still in developing phase it doesn’t work on big projects(.net core 1.x)
  5. You need to learn Json, typescript for .Net Core Separately
  6. There are no APIs for arbitrary queries. So you have to search around the interface to query data
  7. There is also a lack of documentation and not known features at this point.
  8. .Net Core is not yet a finished product
  9. You cannot find solution on Internet. By goggling you will not find a suitable answer which can fix your problem.
  10. In .net Core 1.x, bundling and minification are no longer built In. So we need node.js, npm, gulp & gulp uglify.

Conclusion of Asp.Net Core

These were mistakes faced by developers in using .Net Core. And Microsoft is working to solve all the problems . We all are hoping to get new & best from Microsoft. So that we can develop fast & light weighted application like coreweb, dotnet new webapi  & webapis

My applications are :I also developed some of the application using .net Core & faced some of the problems mentioned above.

Feel free to see these applications. If you find anything i missed out please comment.

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