ASP.NET MVC 5 Book – Building a Website with Visual Studio 2015 and C #: The Tactical Guidebook (Honest Review)


I have been working on ASP.NET from last many years ,Its good experience to work on  this technology ,when i came across a several projects i faced certain difficulty to understand the ASP.NET MVC 5. So i decided to update myself, then this book came across to understand MVC 5 .  ASP.NET MVC 5 Book helped me a lot to understand the new tactics  .

ASP.NET MVC 5 Book – Building a Website with Visual Studio 2015 and C Sharp

This book is primarily aimed at developers who have some prior experience with MVC 5 and are proficient in C#, since the language won’t be explained in any detail. Even if you already have created a couple of MVC projects, you might find the content in this book useful as a refresher. You might have worked in previous versions of Visual Studio and MVC and want a fast no-fluff way to get up to speed with MVC 5. mvc5ASP.NET MVC 5



Prerequisites :

  • C# (you need to be proficient)[Amazon]
  • MVC 5 (you need some prior experience)
  • HTML5/CSS3 (you need basic knowledge)
  •  JavaScript/JQuery (you need basic knowledge)

In this book you will learn how to build an MVC 5 website using C#, Entity Framework, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Ajax.



  1. You can create Real world code-first database using Entity Framework.
  2. Use CRUD Operation against the database.
  3. Implementation of security with ASP.NET.
  4. Create a responsive website.
  5. Implement password reset functionality.
  6. You can work on new Visual Studio 2015.



  1. A book is for Advanced level, beginners don’t buy.
  2. If you don’t know C# then this book is not for you.
  3. You should be familiar with MVC5.This book will not help you to learn MVC for beginners.
  4. This book does not cover ASP.NET Core 1.0.


About Author : Jonas Fagerberg

This book is written by Jonas Fagerberg, He wrote many books on Microsoft Technology .

He wrote his first book about Widows 95, as well as a number of course materials.

He wrote his second book about Visual Basic 6.0. Between 2000 and 2004, he worked as a Microsoft instructor with two of the largest educational companies in Sweden.

Jonas wrote his third book C# programming aimed at beginner to intermediate developers in 2013, and in 2015, his fourth book C# for beginners – The Tactical Guide was published.

Jonas has also produced a 24h+ video course titled MVC 5 – How to build a Membership Website which can be found at Udemy, showing in great detail how to build a membership website.

I will recommend you to buy this book (Buy now on Amazon),you will get updated with new technology and to be proficient in MVC 5.


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